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Past, current, and future projects. 

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Comics and Novels
Zero Town

Miami, 1926, weeks before one of the worst storms in recorded history. A pair of wanderers from another time and place are drawn to a gruesome murder. 

The clock is ticking and if the mystery surrounding Mary Song's murder is not unraveled, more than just the city may be swept away...

Zero Town is a neo-noir mystery of involuntary time travel, the supernatural, and mad science all set against the backdrop of South Florida's biggest city right before its biggest disaster. 

A six chapter comic book series with art by Angela Guyton and words by me. 

To Live and Die in Avalon

A reckless secret agent and a time-displaced scientist race to unravel a conspiracy that threatens humanity's fledgling utopia among the stars

Avalon is my first full-length novel. A retro-futurist pulp space opera inspired by sixties spy novels and classic science fiction serials. It’s James Bond meets Buck Rogers with a female protagonist. 


Short Stories
Like Clockwork

Always hoping for something outlandish to happen just to break the monotony of his uneventful existence, Josh has begun to suspect that his boss is not quite human.

Included in "Escape!: A Writing Bloc Anthology" 

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Edited Image 2016-03-08 22-11-03

After a cataclysmic disaster, the leader of a group of survivors decides to reveal a secret that could change the course of their very existence.


Added to the official Wattpad Reading List: Dystopian Worlds in 2014.

Included in the Gestalt Media Best of 2020 Anthology

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The White Room

A gambler with nothing left to lose gets more than he bargained for when he makes deal with a mysterious stranger on the streets of Las Vegas. 

Other Stuff
My DeviantArt Profile featuring poetry and lyrics:
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