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Site Updates!

Big plans are in the works for both my comic book series with Angie Guyton "Zero Town" and my novel "To Live and Die in Avalon", as well as new content in the form of a series of video blogs and a new podcast (or podcasts plural, but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet).

To reflect this forward momentum, I've updated the site with a new color scheme, new flashy slides on the front page, and an entire "hub" for Zero Town! Here you'll find chapter one in its entirety in interactive e-comic form. You can make the comic full screen, zoom in, and easily navigate using the menu located at the top of the app. In addition, I've added the synopsis, a list of the "rules" of time travel in the world of Zero Town, and character bios. The character bios include blurbs from both myself and the artist Angie Guyton. More character bios will be added as we complete subsequent chapters.

This is just the very beginning of the next chapter in my creative career and I hope you all will join me as we head toward bigger and brighter things!

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