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I was born and raised in Miami, Florida where I wrestled alligators and subsisted on a diet of sawgrass and croquetas. Ok, I’m half-Cuban on my mother’s side and grew up in a traditional Cuban household. I moved to North Carolina a few years ago, mostly to avoid the traffic in South Florida. 


I fell in love with science fiction, fantasy, and adventure stories at an early age and spent most of my school years hiding in the library. Not just because I love books, but because bullies who pick on kids with the last name “Chestnut” don’t know how to read. It’s science. 



I originally went to school to pursue a communications degree as a journalist. But, after a brief stint freelancing, I switched gears and got into Information Technology. I’ve been fortunate to have a career that not only allows me to pursue my passions on the side but won’t be taken over by a robot. I hope. 

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